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With a new season comes a new OP. The song is called “Toki Wo Kizuma Uta” by Lia. The animation is reminiscent of the first season, but with new scenes and better animation. The song itself is, in my opinion, much better than “Megumeru” from the first season. It sounds more emotional and delivers a stronger message.


In the illusionary world, the girl who can no longer help build the flying machine wants the robot to stay by her side forever, however the robot knows that he must go outside in order for that to happen. Back in the real world, Nagisa’s pregnancy is progressing through the months, and Sanae and Akio are helping out where they can. Tomoya is filled with doubts. He talks to Sanae and tells her how Nagisa may have had a happier life if he hadn’t met her. Sanae, however, feels that they cannot talk about it. Despite his doubt, Tomoya and Nagisa spend a wonderful Christmas and birthday with the family. Tomoya gets Nagisa another dango and she happily adds it to her collection.

Sunohara, Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi then visit the couple during New Years, and the group gets caught up on how all their other friends are doing. At one point, Sunohara asks Tomoya what it feels like to become a father, saying that he always felt that becoming a father was something far in the future and similar to a natural disaster. Tomoya doesn’t have an answer about his feelings, but he does know that this happened because he’s with the person he loves and is living for her sake.

The group talks about Tomoya’s and Nagisa’s progress in life and how they are so far ahead. This prompts Kotomi to talk about the hidden world. She tries to explain how their world and the hidden world are deeply connected and have influences on each other, and that leads Nagisa to wonder what the hidden world is like. The talk triggers a memory in Tomoya’s mind about the school play. He has no idea why. In any case, Kotomi also mentions how there might be a number of other worlds, and this reminds Tomoya of how Ryou had once talked about there being many possible futures.

Later that day Akio finds Tomoya watching the construction of the new hospital. He tells Tomoya that he should understand that things constantly change and that’s what it means to live. Tomoya, still in doubt over change, wonders if Nagisa would get better if he were to hinder the construction. He feels that the changes will cause him to hate the city. Akio, feeling that he can’t do anything about it, tells Tomoya that he asked if it was possible for some tree to be preserved.

Snow covers the city on that very same day making it almost impossible to travel by vehicle. This weather causes Nagisa’s fever to build up as well. To add on to the problems she also goes into labor two weeks earlier than expected. Tomoya stays by her side to keep her at ease while they wait for help. Akio, Sanae and Yagi soon arrive to help out the situation. While Yagi controls the birth, Tomoya comforts Nagisa the best he can. Throughout the birthing procedure Nagisa constantly loses consciousness. She wakes up shortly after, only to feel pain. As Tomoya watches he feels helpless and is in despair, but the sounds of a baby crying snaps him out of that state. He scans the room to find everyone trying to contact the hospital. He is given Ushio by Yagi and softly holds her in his arms. As he looks over at Nagisa he finds her barely conscious. Alarmed, he calls out her name until she finally opens her eyes. Nagisa looks at Tomoya as he shows her their newborn baby. She’s very happy she was able to give birth at home and asks if she can rest a bit. As Nagisa starts to drift out of consciousness again Tomoya tries to keep her awake by talking about their future with Ushio and how they’ll raise her. However, Nagisa’s eyes soon close and her hand goes limp. Tomoya desperately calls out her name, but nothing he does can awaken her.

Faced with this, Tomoya remembers all of the time he’s spent with Nagisa, and his memory goes back to when they first met on that spring day. Back then, Nagisa had noted that nothing could stay unchanged, and she had wondered if they could keep loving the school. Tomoya now feels that it would have been better if they had never met and had gone down different paths. He wouldn’t have gone out with Nagisa and married her, and Ushio wouldn’t have been born. If that had happened, then there wouldn’t have been such sadness.

This was quite possibly the best episode in the series so far. The first half of the episode focused on what CLANNAD does best: Slice of life. It was fun watching everyone reunited (minus Tomoyo). There was some talk about the hidden world that interested me as well. But what made the episode stand out among the others is the second half. Everything leading up to the final scene built up so much tension. When the episode finally reached that pivotal scene there was no other choice but to feel all that emotion built up inside. The series itself manage to make me attached to Nagisa as if she was real. When she finally past away I just had to cry.

I do have one complaint though: the ED sequence. You would think that after such a major event such as the death of Nagisa that the animators would put in a special ED. NO! Wrong. Instead, they went for the normal ED and that kind of ended the emotional feeling. In my opinion, that was a horrible choice.


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