Angel Beats! – 01

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Otonashi wakes up and starts to question where he is. While he is in the middle of thinking a girl asks him if he has finally woken up. He gets up and sees a girl holding a gun. He tries to speak, only to be interrupted by the girl. She introduces him to the “Like-hell-I’m-dead Battlefield,” a world in the afterlife. She explains to him that he is dead and that was why he was there. Otonashi tries to question her about the world, but she asks him if he will enlist and explains everything to him, shows him their enemy, and introduces herself as Yuri.

After a long and drawn out explanation Otonashi goes down to the middle of the track and talks with a girl. He point out that a gun is being aimed at her and that they think she is an Angel. She states that she isn’t an Angel and is merely the Student Council President. Feeling as if he had been tricked he tells her that he’s going to the hospital, to which she responds there is no hospital. She says that there is no hospital because nobody in the world gets gets sick and people do not die. Otonashi thinks that she’s in with Yuri and asked Tenshi (Angel) to prove it. She then stabs him.

Otonashi wakes up in the what looks like a hospital bed screaming because of the incident earlier. He checks for any stab wounds to find nothing there. On the chair next to him he finds his shirt drenched in blood. Startled by it he tries to run out the door, only to be stopped by a person (Noda) holding a large axe. He tells Otonashi that he disrespected “Yurippe” earlier and then proceeds to attack him with a 100-hit combo (Similar to Tomoyo in CLANNAD).
After waking up a second time, this time on the floor he tries to find an adult in this very weird world. He heads to the Principal’s Office and attempts to open the door, only to be hit by a giant hammer swinging down from the ceiling.

After waking up a THIRD time he finds himself in a room filled with people. Yuri, along with other people, are discussing the future name of the “Like-hell-I’m-dead Battlefield.” After many failed names and a slap in the face, they notice that Otonashi is awake. They continue to try and enlist him, but Otonashi tells them he wants to be erased. Confused as to why he wants to be erased, they tell him the circumstances after being erased. They say that he might be reborn as a barnacle or water flea, similar to the Buddhist belief of reincarnation. After a bit of thought, and constant tries at enlisting, he “joins” the (now named) Afterlife Battlefront in the SSS and he is then introduced to everyone.

Otonashi goes up to the rooftop and watches as students run around the track. Yuri finds him there and starts talking to him. He questions the world and it’s people. Yuri says everyone is just an NPC (non-player character) and they were already there before they came there themselves. She tells him that NPCs and they themselves do not age in the world. They also talk about the existence of “God.”

Back in the room, Yuri starts talking about plans to take meal tickets from the students. He informs Otonashi of the rules while taking part in the plan. If he ever encounters Tenshi he must shoot on sight.

We find Iwasawa setting up her band equipment inside the school while Otonashi is outside of the school guarding. The lights within the school close and reopen to show the band playing. Meanwhile, Otonashi encounters Tenshi outside and points the gun at her. He hesitates to shoot, but he manages to pull it off. Hurt, Tenshi activates her blade arm and goes after Otonashi. Every subsequent bullet he shoots she manages to destroy with a slice.

Backup arrives on the scene and buys time for the rest of the plan to follow through. Back inside fans are set up on the stage. At the climax of the performance, while everybody’s arms are up, the fans activate and blow the meal tickets into the sky.

The last scene shows the team eating at the table and Otonashi states he hasn’t entirely joined the SSS yet.

Phew, a lot of talking in this episode. This is probably going to be the longest post in the series due to the amount of exposition. With that in mind I can’t really rate this episode the same way as other episodes later in the series. I like how they set up everything and gave us some insight to what the world is. I also liked the mix of comedy and the little taste of action the gave us right from the get go. The rock performance scene was really well done and it was really flashy, however it didn’t quite “wow” me the same way the “God knows…” scene did in Haruhi.

Overall though, I liked the episode. Visuals were absolutely stunning and animation was very fluid. I will be continuing this series and I hope it gets better as we go along.

Speaking of Haruhi before, I’m tired of the Haruhi vs. Yuri things. Although they seem (very) similar right now they still have a long way to go before the final episode. It’s extremely similar to K-ON! vs. So-Ra-No-Wo-To. Their similarities almost dropped completely towards the end. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


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