Angel Beats! – 02/03

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The SSS visit the Guild, a weapons depot for the SSS. The path to the Guild is riddled with anti-Tenshi traps. After informing the team at the Guild of the SSS visit they expect an easy way in. However, they did not get one. Instead, the traps are still active and in order to get to the Guild they must go through each of the traps. The team slowly decrease in number as each member gets caught in the traps. When Otonashi and Yuri are left they rest.

As they rest, Yuri tells Otonashi a bit of her past. She had three younger siblings. One day when her parents were out, burglars raided the house. They threatened to kill her siblings if they did get anything of value from the family. Yuri was given 10 minutes before the first kill. She tries her best but fails. All of her siblings got killed before the cops came.

After telling her story, Otonashi and Yuri set off towards the Guild. When they arrive they find out that Tenshi is extremely close. A decision is made to blow up the Guild and go back to the old location of the Guild. Yuri, Otonashi and they rest of the revived teammates try to defend the Guild from Tenshi until they are able to blow it up. After a short battle with Tenshi, the team manages to destroy the Guild and escape.

-My Song-

Iwasawa performs her new song in from of Yuri. Yuri believes that it isn’t a good song to use as a distraction for the next mission. She then introduces the SSS to someone new: Mr. Christ. Yuri believes that the whole team is stupid and a genius is what is needed for the next mission. She then explains the next mission to the team.

Otonashi decided to roam around for a bit. After buying a can of Key Coffee he heads inside the school to find a girl putting up posters for the next GirlDeMo (Girl Dead Monster) concert. She introduces herself as Yui shortly after being surprised by Otonashi. She says that she’s part of the diversion squad of the SSS and how she admires Iwasawa and GirlDeMo. Otonashi is unable to take the girl’s constant blabbering and leaves.

He goes out and buys another can of coffee. While he’s out he hears someone playing. He finds GirlDeMo practicing for the next concert. After taking some time off, Iwasawa goes outside with Otonashi. While they’re both outside she tells him about her past. Her parents were always fighting. One day she got into music after listening to a band at a music store. This inspires her to play the guitar and continue to play for the future. However, a fight her parents got into affected her. She was hit in the head and suffered a stroke the day after. She was in a state where she could not talk anymore. She soon died.

Back in the school, Tenshi is seen ripping down posters for the GirlDeMo concert. The student around her do not like her decision and continue to argue. She walks away thinking that it makes her look like an enemy. That night, the mission and concert commence. The SSS team break into Tenshi’s “hideout” while GirlDeMo distracts everyone in the school. The concert approaches it’s climax, but is stopped by teachers and Tenshi. One teacher threatens to throw away Iwasawa’s first guitar. She breaks loose a teacher holding her down and grabs the guitar. She then starts to play her new song. After being able to play her song at last, she realizes that that was her goal in life. She then disappears.

Meanwhile, the SSS team discovers some secrets in Tenshi’s computer. The computer holds the list of all the students, as well as stats involving Tenshi and her weapons. Yuri find something interesting: Tenshi makes her own weapons similar to the way the SSS make their weapons. Because of this, she suspects that Tenshi is a normal person as opposed to a NPC.  She then starts to doubt the existence of God due to this.


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